Zapper Boyfriend - Thena

A clip starring Thena

Thena in Zapper Boyfriend - Thena

In this clip: ragdolling, groping, hands, humiliation, rolling, amateur, stripping

Thena is waiting for her boyfriend, visibly angry. Once he comes, she starts questioning him (in Italian) as she suspects he is hiding something to her. He doesn't know what to say, so he grabs her by the waist and pulls her closer. She closes her eyes, ready for a passionate kiss, but he pushes his fingers on her neck instead, zapping her! She opens her eyes wide, and starts choking, until she falls unconscious.
At that point, the creep puts some music on, grabs her limp body and starts dancing embracing her limp shape. Then he moves her to the bed and starts ragdolling and groping her. He discovers she is wearing no panties, as her round ass and pussy keep coming out of the tight minidress. He goes on ragdolling her body, ands strips her naked, keeping groping her, posing her on the bed in many explicit positions - Legs spread and ass up.
He finally leaves her in the lovely doggiestyle position, her genitals exposed to the camera...