Roswell Zapped Assault

A clip starring Roswell

Roswell in Roswell Zapped Assault

In this clip: assault, face play, trance, feet, redhead, eyerolling

After a long day at work, Roswell walks into her home feeling exhausted.  As soon as she enters, she is ambushed by a masked intruder armed with a taser.  She is zapped by the taser and falls to the floor.  She twitches a bit after the taser is removed, but she is knocked out.
The intruder checks her eyes, and then pushes her body flat to the floor so that she is now on her back.  The intruder then removes her shoes and socks, revealing her perfect feet, and he massages them.

After playing with her feet, Roswell's body is dragged out of her house.