Stella Zapped

A clip starring Stella, Lilith

Stella, Lilith in Stella Zapped

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, inspection, knockout, rolling, trance

Stella has been planning something bad, when cop Lilith enters her room and tells her to confess. After an argument Stella tries to beat Lilith down, but Lilith is quicker and unloads electricity into her neck, which causes her to get zapped and unable to move. Dazed, she can barely move, barely speak. She is paralyzed, while the cop moves her body around, telling her to confess... But she still doesn't, so the cop begins motivating her by mixing belly tickling and neck choking. This goes on for a long time, until finally there is a break and we see limp sleeping Stella getting face play, mouth and tongue inspection, being posed and ragdolled in may sexy ways, before the cop leaves.

Please note that this clip is in italian language!