Young Amai Liu Foot Worship and Fucking

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 in Young Amai Liu Foot Worship and Fucking

In this clip: gas, groping, fucking, sniffing, foot worship

Amai Liu is having fun with a friend on the bed, laughing and partying. Soon, the fun turns bad as she unexpectedly starts to feel strange and quickly goes down. Once the guy realizes it's all okay, he changes approach and begins fondling her tits. He drags her fully up on the bed and rolls her on her belly. Then he beings fondling her ass and legs, eventually moving down to the feet, stripping them naked and showing her soles to the camera. He then kneels down and sinks his face between her soles, soundly sniffing them. After some time, he stands up and strips all the remaining clothes from her body. Finally, he slides her back from the bed and fucks her from behind (simulated) while her feet dangle visibly before his belly.