The Weird Neighbour - Part 2

A clip starring Carley, Jodie

Carley, Jodie in The Weird Neighbour - Part 2

In this clip: assault, carrying, chloroform, ragdolling, inspection, family affairs

Continued from Part 1, at this point the weird neighbour decides to move the two sleepy girls to the bedroom: he carries Jodie's body on his shoulder and moves her to the other room, where she lays her body on the bed, laying face down pretty. He does the same for Carley, and now the sisters are laying face down next to each other. Slow pans are provided. Then the weird neighbour grabs each one and sets them in the face down/ass up position, and one more pan is provided.
The girls start to wake up, and once they realize what happened are terrified; when they open the door the weird neighbour is there, scary, waiting for them. They begin to scream wild, trying to fight, but he's so strong and creepy that they get chloroformed together, on the bed, with their asses still up for you to see. At this point, the weird neighbour performs eye check on both the girls, grabs his phone and starts taking pictures of their bodies, for his private entertainment and archiving purposes. He finally leaves the poor girls there, sleeping with their young asses up!