Saffy McKenna Chloroform Assault on Webcam

A clip starring Saffy McKenna

Saffy McKenna in Saffy McKenna Chloroform Assault on Webcam

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, humiliation, mature, feet, legs, breasts, genitals, brunette

Saffy is teasing a client on webcam: good tease and denial talking, showing off her body, legs, feet... All things the client will never have. This goes on for a while, filmed with camera work and including the webcam's POV footage.

Suddenly a masked creep assaults her with a chloroform rag: great struggle, as the webcam keep filming and Saffy looks straight at that, as if the client could help her.

When finally Saffy collapses, the creep gropes her body and realizes he is being watched by someone as the webcam is active. Fortunately he has a mask.
He approaches the computer but he doesn't stop the session: instead, he starts teasing the client using her limp body, groping her, holding her legs up and rupping her feet together in front of the webcam, etc.

At some point Saffy wakes up again, but she is chloroformed again before she can react.

The scene fades back in, showing Saffy still unconscious, naked and spread, all tied up in with ropes. The camera pans around her limp body.