Waiting for the Ambassador

A clip starring Ammalia, Anastasia Lux

Ammalia, Anastasia Lux in Waiting for the Ambassador

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, hands, inspection, girl/girl, stripping, feet, neck, hair, breasts, brunette, chubby, provocative, nightie/PJ

Escort Anastasia is laying on the bed; she's at the phone, arranging an appointment with the Ambassador for later. before then, she has to meet Ammalia, a business woman.
Later Ammalia comes in; Anastasia stands and greets her new client; she asks what she would like to do. Ammalia puts her finger to Anastasia’s lips as if not to talk and takes control of the situation like she is the dominant one. She goes behind Anastasia slowly and pulls out a rag and chloroforms her.
Anastasia is surprised and puts up a fight, but is soon out cold. Ammalia lets her drop to the bed. She then starts to slowly undress Anastasia and while she is doing it, play with her feet, tits, face. She takes off her clothes until she is naked.
Ammalia lets her body fall in a sexy pose and stands up. She strips off her own clothes, and then puts on Anastasia’s clothes and assumes her identity. She rolls Anastasia’s body to the side of the bed and loosely covers her in a sheet. She then takes a gun from her bag and hides it under the pillow.
Ammalia is now waiting for the ambassador.