Vivian Jade Sleepy Toy For Lease - HARDCORE FOOTAGE #1

A clip starring Vivian Jade

Vivian Jade in Vivian Jade Sleepy Toy For Lease - HARDCORE FOOTAGE #1

In this clip: cumshot, gas, groping, footjob, foot worship, massage, masturbation, rolling, amateur, stripping

Vivian is short on her rent again, the landlord wants it as soon as possible! Her housemate makes her an unusual offer... he gives her the chance to be put to sleep and used as a sex toy by a very wealthy man (whom she will never meet consciously) who would pay her handsomely, but in return can and will do anything he wants with her body. The housemate promises to remain on the scene and film everything on tape, so that she can later watch what happened. Vivian is hesitant at first, but then gets thrilled by the idea and agrees. Once she is out, the rich guy arrives and they start inspecting, fondling and undressing the unconscious, limp Vivian, focusing on her perfect soles and also on her legs, ass, breasts and face. Soon they oil her body up and he starts jerking off by using her, slapping his dick on her soles, breasts and face, sliding it into her mouth as well! Meanwhile, the camera records everything in a very realistic, amateurish style... Finally, he ends with a (real!) cumshot on her feet...

You do not want to miss this one, this is EPIC! Vivian's feet are some of the greatest ones we've ever seen and this is really long, uncensored footage - nothing is simulated here, all real!