Limp Fetish Visions - April

A clip starring April O'Moore

April O'Moore in Limp Fetish Visions - April

In this clip: dragging, ragdolling, groping, POV, inspection, rolling

April is having a job interview for a position in the film industry; she is dressed to impress, wearing stockings and heels which make her legs look amazing.
The guy asks him a set of questions, and she answers really professionally, but at the same time moving her legs a bit too much, as if she tries to catch his attention and get hired more easily. This triggers the guy's imagination, who starts to imagine a different, more sexual answer to each question after she provides the real answer... In his fantasy, she turns into a real slut who teases him and ends up masturbating on the floor, through the clothes
In the next vision she is limp and gone, and he spends several minutes groping, ragdolling and inspecting her hot body...

He gets waken up back to reality by her, screaming at him horrified, as he started to masturbate while living the dream. back in the professional environment, she starts to threaten him: she wants the job and the money, or she will report him.
He says ok, he tries to calm her down, gently moving behind her, giving herself a shoulders massage: he manages to have her limp and gone again. The guy lays the body on the floor, wraps her in the rug and drags her away.