Unmasking Supergirl

A clip starring Belle

Belle in Unmasking Supergirl

In this clip: assault, cumshot, fighting, ragdolling, groping, POV, fucking, humiliation, inspection, trance

Supergirl is on the run! Two men were hired to capture, disable and unmask her on camera in front of the nation and the world. Supergirl won't go down easy and puts up a fight, but with the help of a kryptonite laser, she is disabled and the villains have some fun with her, deflowering her before the nation. It is an intense, REAL fuck, as she weakly tries to break free, but this time she failed. After that, the two villains trance Supergirl with their brain zapper, which turns anyone into a vegetable, supergirls included. Once zapped, they turn their camera on and unmask her, and reveal her tranced face to the world. They then tie her up like a marionette and humiliate her, flopping her body around like a ragdoll, moving her limbs spreading her legs open, driving her hands on her breasts and pussy, and showing off her bare feet... Everything is shown in POV style, as if you're seeing things from one of the guys' eyes.