Limp Officer Fiona Uniform Stealing

A clip starring Ammalia, Fiona

Ammalia, Fiona in Limp Officer Fiona Uniform Stealing

In this clip: fainting, ragdolling, humiliation, stripping

Prisoner Ammalia is sitting on a chair, gagged, her arms tied behind her back; officer Fiona enters the empty room, annoyed and upset by the fact that she's been ordered to watch the prisoner for the night, and this means she will hardly be able to sleep. She talks to Ammalia, taunts her, protests about the situation.
After some time arguing she tries to relax, sitting on the floor and resting against the uncomfortable wall... Actually, after some time, the officer manages to fall asleep! And, at the same time, Ammalia manages to break free!
Silent like a cat, Ammalia sneaks by the sleeping officer and starts stripping her uniform off her body: she is actually seriously sleeping, as she doesn't wake up at all! As the uniform comes off Fiona's limp body, it moves to Ammalia's, who needs to put it on in order to confuse the guards and get out of there... Until the proud officer lays naked in her underwear, and Ammalia is now the new officer, ready to escape!