Under Protection Witness

A clip starring Coco, Belle Fatale

Coco, Belle Fatale in Under Protection Witness

In this clip: assault, chloroform, fighting, ragdolling, groping, fucking, faceless/anonymous, foot worship, girl/girl, masturbation, nylons, stripping, bodypile

A witness under Federal protection(COCO) is holed up in a safe house in the city, bored out of her mind, and the only company she has is a sexy voiced, long legged, Cop(STEEVIE) who is in an adjacent room watching her on surveillance. The two have grown accustom to each others' habits, and quirks, and today they get closer to what they both desire, which is a face to face meeting, and some foot fetish. There is one catch though, a stealthy, female agent(BELLE) is in the know about the safe house downtown, and is closer to finding the witness, and taking her out for her boss.  As the sexy Cop, and the witness communicate over the two ways, and the Cop, alone in a room adjacent, watching the witness on close circuit T.V., sees her hot, and stripping nude, down to her sexy pantyhose witness, she becomes aroused. The sexy Cop starts to unbutton her clothing and slowly masturbate, getting her police issue pants down to her knees, showing her sexy fishnet pantyhose, and perfect size 10 feet, which flex and toes spread during her masturbation. She watches as the witness does a sexy dance, then some yoga stretches, flexing her sexy soles, and rubbing her crotch to arouse the cop. Meanwhile the sexy stealth, ninja agent, dressed in a full latex catsuit, boots, and hair in a ponytail, sneaks up behind the cop as she plays with herself, moaning louder and losing focus on the task at hand. The sexy woman rubs it out hard, digging into her pussy as she flings, stretching her feet, and the agent pulls her discarded pantyhose form the trash can, and smothers the cop as she is cumming. 

The cop tries to reach for the two way, but to no avail, she struggles and has a hard time doing anything but finishing her orgasm, while the agent helps her cum by joining in on the pussy rubbing. After the Ninja agent knows the cop is out, she takes the discarded hosiery and covers the cop's head and face with it, then she removes the cops uniform, so she can pose as the cop. The restless witness calls on the two way, but there is silence, until the Ninja grabs the phone and does a great impersonation of the sexy cop, assuring her that everything is fine and she will see her in a few minutes for a rendezvous. 
She soon arrives at the room, and the witness lets the cop in, not speaking a word, then into full kissing mode. The kiss and rub each other, the cop taking the dominant lead, groping the witness' ass and tits. The agent starts to take off the cop uniform, but the witness tells her to keep it on, smiling in a sexy way, wanting to role play. The agent obliges and tells her to get on her knees and kiss and caress her feet, clad in black pantyhose. She does so and the witness starts to unbutton the agent's newly found cop uniform, and out pops a huge, strap on penis, which she orders the witness to suck, or she will go to jail. 
The witness sucks the strap on, deep throating it and gagging with lots of spit. The cop agent forces her on the dick, not letting her up for air, so the witness is being choked to oblivion by a strap on cock. He pantyhose clad feet flex and spread apart as the faux cop forces the deep throat, and after a long while, lots of gagging and choking, the witness is limp, barely twitching. 
The cop pulls the witness off of the large dick, and tosses her aside. She notices that during the struggle, the witnesses sharp nails tore runs and holes in her pantyhose, but luckily there is a fresh new pair on the nightstand, so after she puts the limp witness on to the bed, she changes into the new pair. She leaves to get the cop, who is still out limp in the other room adjacent. She takes the cop, who is nude, except for her fishnets, and ties her arms to a chair in the corner of the room. She taunts her and wakes her up. The cop is dazed and disoriented. 
She asks what is going on and looks and sees her witness gone on the bed. The sexy agent, who is dressed in her full catsuit again and high boots starts to tease the cop, removing the hose on her head. She grabs the pantyhose clad feet of the limp witness and puts it up against the face, mouth and nose of the dazed cop, then tapes the feet to her face, but giving the cop her favorite fetish, smelling the sweaty feet of her witness. The cop then covers the taped feet to her face and starts to suck on the cops soaking wet pussy. this is the agent's favorite way to operate, while she is pleasing herself, or being pleased. The cops tries to wiggle, and she does, but her arms are tied, her feet over the shoulder of the agent, and her size 10, perfect soles and toes are arching and spreading all over the place. The sexy agent makes the cop cum, orgasm hard as she goes limp. Her face is red from the friction of the pantyhose feet on her face. 
The sexy agent lines the gals up in a side 69 position, with their hosiery still on, and sexy feet in view. She heads to the other room to upload the security tape on the cop's computer, sending a copy to her boss, and for the WPP to see, so much for protecting the witness. The sexy agent stealths off, and the limp girls are panned and viewed.