Two Friends Tricked and Foot Abused While Asleep

A clip starring Olive Glass, Juliette

Olive Glass, Juliette in Two Friends Tricked and Foot Abused While Asleep

In this clip: carrying, gas, ragdolling, groping, footjob, foot worship, girl/girl, multigirl, rolling, bodypile

Proper timing ensures you're never late, ensures success and in this case ensures that you get two knocked out gullible women to play with! The guy mixes a little sleeping medication in one of the girls drink and a lot in the others. This has the fascinating effect of knocking one out first. Once she's out the guy and the girl take advantage of the K.O.'ed captive. The girl runs her hands over the unconscious girl, exposes her breasts and sucks sweetly on her perky nipples. She then- well that's all she does because that's when her drink kicks in and knocks her out as well! The guy, now alone with two knocked out babes, undresses them, carries them to a bed where he poses them and rubs his dick over their four exposed soles. He then has even more fun by manipulating their bodies, making them kiss, posing them in the 69 position, rubbing their feet all over their faces and then leaves them that way to slowly come to and discover themselves in that compromising situation! Timing is everything. ..