Lesbian Pantyhose Encasement Delirium Fuck

A clip starring Belle Fatale

Belle Fatale in Lesbian Pantyhose Encasement Delirium Fuck

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, fucking, faceless/anonymous, humiliation, girl/girl, nylons, stripping

As she peeks through the door in her sexy red dress, high heels and suntan pantyhose, Belle calls out to her sister that she needs a hand with chloroforming this gal in the trunk. After she gets no response she comes into the house and closes the door hearing the computer still running and the shower going she goes over to her sisters room and peers through the doorway, seeing her sisters clothes neatly spread out on the bed and she knew she was in the shower. When she turned to walk to the bathroom, the encased vengeful woman ambushes her from behind with the chloroform soaked pantyhose covering her nose and moth and grabbing her pulling her through the doorway. Belle grabs the door frame to get a hold but the encased woman is strong and pulls her hard to the bed on top of her. The highly motivated encased woman quickly wraps her legs around Belle's waist to get a good hold on her as she fights the chloroform which is taking affect but slowly. She thrashes her legs around kicking bucking up as the sexy dress slides down to show her crotch in the pantyhose. She fades but her eyes flutter and roll back in her head. Soon she is winding down to twitches and eyes starting to get heavy until she is limp, eyes closed, and barely a twitch in a deep sleep. Now the payback starts here soon, the encased woman walks out the door getting herself out from under the sleepy body. As she leaves the scene fades....

A while later after gathering her bag and doing some handy work to get her victim subdued like the twin sisters do with lots of pantyhose encasing the body fully, plus a mask and a gag made from an old pair of the same suntan pantyhose that is their mark. Belle who's hands are bound behind her with another pair of hoes is starting to stir as the chloroform is starting to wear off, she doesn't realize what is happening as she slowly stirs finally able to look through her blurry eyes and what she sees is horrific. A fully encased, sexy blonde standing in the doorway with a large strap on that looks like a real dick. She stirs a bit more trying to free herself feebly, but the woman who is obviously happy grinning from ear to ear says, "Payback Time" and moves behind her sliding her strap on into Belle as she tries to escape but only finds herself fucked harder as the vengeful encased woman fucks her from behind doggy style, getting what she can out of the loss she suffered at the hands of the evil twins only out for money and fame. As she pounds away and the chloroform starts to lose its effects the sounds of terror become more prevalent and the woman gets down over her still pounding away through the small hole she cut in the crotch to get it through. She grabs the last pair of new pantyhose, and wraps the panty portion around the woman's head, then crossing the legs of the pantyhose to make a garrote as she pulls back choking her fucking her hard at the same time, the evil Belle tries to contest but her body arches and bucks backwards as the strap on hits her deep and the stocking chokes her neck. The woman goes for it fucking her and choking her hard until she starts to slow down with her as she orgasms and the evil twin Belle goes limp. She lets her down, letting go of the end of the pantyhose showing her victims defeat.