Tina Kay and the Tunisian Drink - FULL Version

A clip starring Tina Kay

Tina Kay in Tina Kay and the Tunisian Drink - FULL Version

In this clip: ragdolling, groping, footjob, hands, inspection, foot worship, masturbation, redressing, amateur, stripping, feet, legs, breasts, brunette, drug, casual

Tina Kay visits a creep friend's flat and they have some small talk; at some point he offers her a special drink from Tunisia, which is very good for relaxing. She is curious and wants to try it out, but she doesn't know it is a trap! Soon she starts to feel strange, and quickly falls deeply asleep in the hands of the creep friend!

He begins performing some limp play with her, and undresses her completely; he then has his way with her bare feet, rubbing his dick on her soles and masturbating (there is no cumshot on the feet), rolling her body and posing her in several ways. he also take snaps with his cellphone as a souveniur of the experience.

After a long while, once he's done, he has to redress the body and fix everything up so that she cannot suspect anything once she wakes up. It's not an easy task, but in the end she lays completely redressed, including shoes, and in fact doesn't notice anything once she wakes up.