Tucking Honour May Into Bed

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in Tucking Honour May Into Bed

In this clip: drunk, ragdolling, amateur, stripping

Two friends come back home after a party; they are visibly drunk and can barely stand. Honour murmurs something about him turning out to be so good at dancing, and she wants to dance again. He tries to dissuade her, as they're drunk. But the wants to dance, her friend gives in to her demands. The pair dance briefly and Honour's friend gets her to spin. After the spin, he dips her. Honour suddenly passes out, her limp body being held up only by her friend.
He is not really surprised by what just happened. He dangles her for a bit longer in the off-chance she isn't out. "Guess it's bedtime" he says, and carries her to the bedroom.

Honour's friend puts her down on the bed as gently as possible. He takes a moment to admire her and brushes any hair away from her face, if need be.
Without wasting too much time, he takes off her shoes and puts them carefully on the floor. He admires her feet for a brief moment and then starts taking off her dress.
Once her dress has been removed, he moves onto her bra. Honour's friend goes to great pains to be incredibly gentle and try not to wake her up. Fortunately for him, Honour is completely out and doesn't notice a thing. His fingers move to the waistband of her panties. He stops himself short: "Should probably leave those on... "

Honour's friend goes to put blankets over her, but realizes he put her on top of them. He scoops up her legs in one arm to lift her out of the way. Then he uses his other hand to pull the blanket out and tucks her in properly.
With a final moment to admire the sleeping beauty, he caresses her cheek gently.
He turns out the light and leaves the room.