Lilli Trunk Doll #1

A clip starring Ammalia, Lilli

Ammalia, Lilli in Lilli Trunk Doll #1

In this clip: ragdolling, inspection, amateur, stripping

In this old unpublished clip we see Lilli talking (in italian!) with her friend Ammalia, who is actually a very evil and jealous woman: Lilli tells her how good her boyfriend is to her, how many attentions and presents she gets, etc. Ammalia gives fake smiles, but she is actually frustrated by all this, as she is getting none of that out of life. So, in order to compensate she decides to make Lilli her own limp doll (she gets put to sleep off camera).
The scene fades back in showing Lilli totally limp and gone; she now belongs to Ammalia. She closes her eyes and begins undressing the body, until Lilli is naked. Lots of limp play in the meantime.

At this point, witch Ammalia moves the naked body into a wooden trunk nearby, closes the top and leaves for some time.