AltSiren Handles and Strips Limp Kitty

A clip starring AltSiren, Kitty

AltSiren, Kitty in AltSiren Handles and Strips Limp Kitty

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, nylons, amateur, stripping

Mick (POV) and AltSiren are an evil duo: they met Kitty at the bar, tricked her and brought her home, where AltSiren entertains her while Mick films everything POV. Kitty feels a bit embarrassed but tries not to make it visible. AltSiren acts very playful and friendly, but suddenly the scene fades out and comes back in showing Kitty passed out in the hands of AltSiren...
Altsiren starts undressing her, inspecting her body and performing some limp play; that goes on for a while, and shows great closeups of Kitty's BIG cute feet!