Mature Alexia's Entranced Foot Worship

A clip starring Alexia

Alexia in Mature Alexia's Entranced Foot Worship

In this clip: hypnosis, foot worship, willing, amateur

Mature Alexia meets doctor Mick as she wants to get over an obsessive fantasy. She keeps fantasizing she loses her head on a guillotine while wearing her favourite bikini.

The doctor explains he can help her but will have to mesmerize her through a foot massage; this sounds pretty bizarre but Alexia agrees anyway, and in fact she is soon entranced. She is probably living her dream in a mind trip, but she is like deeply asleep and that's what matters to the doctor.
In fact, the doctor too has a fantasy to fulfill: he grabs entranced Alexia's limp feet and starts groping and kissing them, hoping to get over his fantasy as well. He takes her time enjoying the beautiful mature woman's feet, and finally, when he's done, he wakes her up and it seems she managed to get over her own fantasy. Of course she has no recollection of what the doctor did with her feet while her mind was away...