Tranced Chloe And The Cleaner

A clip starring Chloe

Chloe in Tranced Chloe And The Cleaner

In this clip: hypnosis, foot worship, medical, trance, silly

Chloe goes to a therapist who has to investigate something deep in her soul, so he hypnotizes her. Once she is tranced he begins talking to her, who replies mechanically. At some point he gets a phone call from his mother and he has to leave for a bit. he leaves his tranced patient on the bed, ordering her not to wake up. [NOTE: blinks haven't been edited out in this clip]

A cleaner enters the room, as he's cleaning the area. He sees this girl and at first he apologizes... But, soon he realizes she's not there, and thinks it's good to take advantage of the situation. He takes off the girl's shoes and socks, and begins worshipping her feet... She's not there so there's nothing she can do. Who knows whether she can actually feel him or not, he doesn't care.
At some point he puts his face under her feet and starts moving them, until she starts keeping the movement spontaneously and starts rubbing her soles on his face. He goes on for some time, then it's time to leave - But, before he gets out, he sprays some cleaning liquid on her feet, so she remains there with her feet wet, dripping and exposed!