Training Miss John

A clip starring Niki, Dolcette

Niki, Dolcette in Training Miss John

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, faceless/anonymous, inspection, sniffing, foot worship, knockout, rolling, stripping, feet, legs, ass, redhead

A young lady comes home and gets captured, put to sleep and hooded by a cute evil redhead: it's Miss John, trained by the evil Mr. John, who simply sits on a chair and looks up everything in a test mood. Miss John starts stripping the sleeping girl naked, until only the hood is left on her. She asks Mr. John if she's doing good, and she starts performing some rolling, limb play and foot worship on the poor unaware girl, who lays there as a kind of doll toy. Finally Mr. John joins them, and starts fondling the cute body, playing together with Miss John. Then he moves behind her and, unexpectedly, puts her to sleep too! Now it's time to strip her and enjoy both the sleeping girls at once! So he starts handling them, posing them, slapping their butts and worshipping their delicious feet. Before leaving, he decides to pose the girls in a 69-like position and starts rubbing the first victim's feet on Miss John's sleepy face, also sliding the toes inside her mouth, enjoying her powerless condition...