Tipsy Lauren's Drunk Limp Body

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Tipsy Lauren's Drunk Limp Body

In this clip: carrying, drunk, face play, fainting, ragdolling, inspection, foot worship, feet, hair, mouth, blonde, casual

Tipsy Lauren sitting at the bar on a stool crossing her legs, wearing fabulous black boots and drinking wine. With every mouthful she gets more and more drunk, sleepier until her head collapses on the bar and passes out.

He starts to play with Lauren's limp face and with her hair, I guess that's his lucky day as she's totally out.

Her limp body is totally under his control to enjoy it. He gently takes off her black boot placing them next to her, revealing her amazing black socks giving them a deep sniff and start worshiping these juicy pair of socked feet while enjoying every sniff. Afterwards he takes off her black socks exposing her smooth, bare feet while fondling them.

He takes her both smelly socks placing the first one inside her mouth and the second one placing it over her face covering her both closed eyes, she moans slightly then goes back to the dreamland!

He decided to have some fun with her, he lifted her up from the chair throwing her limp body over the bar, removing her both black socks from her mouth and over her eyes but eventually the mouth remains open due to the sock's position.