Lesbian Foot Worship on a Gas-masked Girl

A clip starring Dolcette, Tiffany

Dolcette, Tiffany in Lesbian Foot Worship on a Gas-masked Girl

In this clip: ragdolling, faceless/anonymous, inspection, sniffing, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping

Tiffany comes in carrying the limp body of a cute girl, a gas mask wrapping her head; she dumps her on the bed and starts inspecting her body. She's immediately attracted by her feet, so she takes off the high heels shoes, discovering a pair of limp sexy juicy feet.
Tiffany fondles the nameless girl's soles, inspecting them carefully, enjoying the contact of such smooth flesh. Soon she gets more excited and involved, and she starts kissing and worshipping the limp soles and toes... She squeezes those sleepy soles with passion, as her tongue runs up and down on them, wetting them with saliva. The gas-masked girl remains still and limp, unaware that her hot feet are being used like that by another girl! 
Later Tiffany rolls her to the belly, takes off the girl's jeans exposing her legs as well, and goes on worshipping these stunning feet...