The Teacher Goes Down - Stormy

A clip starring Stormy

Stormy in The Teacher Goes Down - Stormy

In this clip: fainting, ragdolling, groping, injection, foot worship, stripping

Ms. Jones is sitting at her desk grading papers when a student sneaks in and puts her to sleep. Before her lights go out, she slurs her speech in a funny, sexy way - then her head falls back. The student becomes bold and vigorous as he sees the condition of Ms Jones. He caresses her and moves her body, grabbing her legs so that her high-heeled feet are propped up on the desk were he can worship them. After playing with her magnificent soles and feet, he moves her around in different poses, handling her body in a rude way, always keeping the soles quite visible. For each pose he takes pics of her, probably to post them somewhere or to keep them for personal use. Once he's done, he puts her back in her chair with her feet propped up on her desk, but not before grading her feet by writing an A on her sole, using her own lip stick.