The Sleepy Therapy POV with Ava

A clip starring Ava

Ava in The Sleepy Therapy POV with Ava

In this clip: gas, groping, POV, fucking, inspection, foot worship, willing, amateur, stripping

Ava goes to a clinic which is specialized on a very unique form of therapy for especially shy girls. Basically what they do is, they put her to sleep and let a stranger do whatever he wants with her body. They capture everything with a video camera, so that the girl can later see what has been done with her limp body and experience a high level of embarrassment, which will probably cause her to react less ashamed in future situations. In this case we see the camera footage for Ava, being stripped, handled and inspected by a foot fetishist. He performs a lot of foot worship on her, and finally fucks her first lying on her belly and then on her back, before leaving her there.