The Psycho Psychologist

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in The Psycho Psychologist

In this clip: assault, oral, chloroform, groping, footjob, fucking, humiliation, foot worship, masturbation, medical, nylons, stripping

Olive has been having a hard time lately, so she calls her friend and gets the number to a psychologist. She sets up and appointment and when she reveals she has been having these dreams about giving blowjobs to everyone, the doctor goes mad and decides to try her on the spot. He has a way about him that isn't quite right as Olive starts to get excited about the whole deal... At some point he bends her over the desk and starts to fuck her from behind, and, in the middle of the fuck, he puts her to sleep and goes on with her body. Then, since he is a foot man also, he lays her face down on his desk and strips her legs and feet naked; he begins sniffing and worshipping her soles, wetting them up with a lot of saliva, and then starts slapping his dick on them, soundly! He masturbates with those sexy feet, and finally cums all over her sweet soles... Please note that either the blowjob and the fucking are REAL, and quite HOT!