The foot fetish hypnotist

A clip starring Elen

Elen in The foot fetish hypnotist

In this clip: hypnosis, foot worship, redressing, nylons, trance, willing

A business woman goes to a therapist because she needs to quit smoking; the guy offers her a trance therapy and she gladly accepts. Her mind gets soon put to sleep, and at that point the therapist begins having fun with her body, laying her on the table, fondling all over her and focusing on her legs and feet. While the world seems to go mad outside, the guy calmly takes his freedom with the business girl's feet, leaving her stockings on for a while, and then taking them off to taste her bare soles and toes as well... When time is running out, he redresses her puts her back on the chair and brings her mind out of her tranced state: of course she does not have any idea of what happened, and also he orders her to come back 5 times a week for the therapy, as he needs daily fun with her body!