The Fetish Show

A clip starring Honour May

Honour May in The Fetish Show

In this clip: oral, cumshot, groping, hypnosis, foot worship, nylons, trance, willing, stripping

Honour is the TV host of a fetish TV show and she is presenting to the camera as if the show is being broadcast.  She basically is reading requests that the "viewers" have sent to her and then she is doing them on screen for the viewer as a sort of "educational TV show"

Scene 1: Honour greets the views and is talking to the camera.
"Hello and welcome back to another episode of The Fetish Show!  With me, Honour May.  This week we have a number of letters from our loyal viewers who would like to see me involved in a number of fetishes including two of my absolute favourite personal fetishes... Hypnosis and foot fetish!   Mmmmm, I can't wait.  But that is for later! "

She continues picking up her first letter.
"Our first letter today is from Brian: - ""Dear Honour, I have a fetish for women dressed in Power suits, please could you make my dreams come true and tease me... ""  I'm happy to do this for you, Brian!"

The scene fades and reopens with Honour dressed in a sexy power suit / business suit with fine, delicate, pale nylons and closed toe high heel shoes (I have enclosed a photo to give you an idea of the stockings / shoes.  She continues to speak...

"Well here I am Brian!  Just for you.  To all our viewers women in power suits is a common male fetish blah blah blah (just have Honour talk about women in authority and domination etc  She can dangle her shoes and basically be a dominating bitch

She continues...

Our next letter is from Andrew who writes "Dear Honour, I would love to see a man worship your feet.  Please can he massage your feet, suck your toes and lick your soles?"

She continues "Well Andrew, absolutely... but You're in for a treat today viewers... Usually on THE FETISH SHOW we only focus on one or two fetishes at the same time... But today, we thought we'd do something extra special... We are going to combine not two, but THREE fetishes!!!  We have received a ton of letters asking about foot worship, bondage and my personal favourite, hypnosis and we actually thought we would combine them all to give you a FETISH EXTRAVAGANZA!  See you after the break"

Scene 2:
Honour is still in her business suit.  But she is completely chained to the bed / gurney.  Hands bound and straps holding her down across her ankles / legs / waist / body.

she is addressing the camera from this lying down position...

"Welcome back to the fetish show!  Well, you can see here that I am a little TIED UP at the moment blah blah blah (have honour talk about how sexy it is to be a submissive)  And my feet are ready to be worshipped.... But I'd like to talk about Hypnosis....

I LOVE being hypnotized.  I love the feeling of going under, being out of control and being completely helpless.  The hypnosis fetish community is huge.  So today, before the show I was deeply hypnotized and programmed to fall into a deep sleep when a pocket watch is swung before my eyes.

So I have with me today, Mick - who is going to hypnotize me.  Hello Mick.
You come on screen "hi Honour"
Honour asks "So Mick, what are you going to do to me whilst I'm asleep?"
You say how you'll worship her feet, lick her soles etc etc.
Honour asks "But what if I don't WANT you too?"
You reply (holding the watch up) "Well, you won't have a choice will you??!)
Honour says "You're right Mick - ok, put me to sleep and worship my feet"

You hypnotize honour.  As you begin to swing the watch, Honour starts telling the viewers what is happening to her mind, have her commentate about how the hypnosis is “putting her under” and as the hypnosis get stronger she begins to fade and fall asleep.  Once she is asleep you unchain her body from the bed and then worship her feet as usual, but leave the rest of her body dressed.

After you have finished - tell her to wake up and she does.  She sits up

"Wow - that was an amazing sleep, and I'm barefoot so I guess you've been worshipping my feet?  We'll have one more break and then finish with one final fetish.  Join us in a minute for part three.

Scene fades - advertisement card and then scene reopens with honour in sexy lingerie and no panties, but she has her nylons and shoes on again (or a different pair)

"Welcome back viewers... So to finish today's show, i'd like to truly show you the power of hypnosis.  Mick is going to hypnotize me again and then program my mind!  I am going to be programmed that when this dildo is put inside me, my body will think that it is going to pump me full of drugs that will actually put me to sleep!  And then once I'm asleep, Mick is going to have his wicked way with me.

(Honour then interview you, Mick)

"So Mick, once you've programmed me - will I be able to fight it?"

You - "absolutely not...  You will literally feel the dildo pump drugs into your pussy which will then put you to sleep.  I might as well be actually drugging you, the hypnosis is too powerful"

You then swing the watch and hypnotise her... Whilst she is an a trance watching the watch, you simply say things to her which she repeats back in a hypnotized, sleepy voice"

You say "when I insert the dildo into you, you will feel drugs being pumped out of it inside of your body"

Honour says (sleepy voice) "when you insert the dildo into me... I will feel it pump drugs into my body...

You say... "These drugs will slowly put you to sleep"
She says... "these drugs will slowly put me to sleep"
you say "you will not be able to fight it"
She says... "I will not be able to fight it"

You then wake her up from her trance and she then carries on talking normally - aware that the hypnosis has happened

Honour - "Oh, I'm awake again!  Wow!  That was quite intense!  So mick, lets show the viewers  how powerful hypnosis is.

You sit her on the massage table and she spreads her legs.  You insert the dildo into her.

Immediately, Honour is overcome with a wave of euphoria and she explains what she is feeling

Honour "Oh my god!  I can actually FEEL the dildo injecting something inside me, it's pulsing and feels great!  I can feel it filling me up inside.  Its warm, its lovely.  The pump is getting stronger now and the feeling is moving up over my breasts into my brain... It's making me feel spongy, it's like a general anaesthetic... I can feel myself going under blah blah blah.

She slowly drifts off

Once she is out, lick her pussy, expose her breasts and photograph them.
Remove her shoes and stockings and worship her feet more.
Then open her mouth and put your penis into it, have her instinctively suck on it.

Cum in her mouth (simulated) and then turn her head to the side so it can be seen pouring out.
Finally the camera films over her entire body