The Dentist 4

A clip starring Olive Glass

Olive Glass in The Dentist 4

In this clip: oral, cumshot, groping, footjob, injection, foot worship, massage, masturbation, medical, nylons, stripping

In this episode of our successful dentist-series, we see a cute business woman go to the dentist because her teeth hurt and she can't sleep well, and this is a real problem because she needs to always be on top of things at her job. As usual, he tells her he has to put her to sleep, and she agrees without hesitation. But once he has her to himself, he puts her legs on a stool, takes her high heel shoes and stockings off and begins sniffing and worshipping her bare soles... then he lays her face down on a medical bed and begins dripping oil on her cute legs and feet, spreading it wide with his hands. He goes on and on as we see her beautiful caves, heels and soles getting all shiny and soft because of the oil... he takes out a dildo, this time he slides the dildo between her slippery moist soles and slaps it on them so that we can hear the sound of her perfect, youthful feet. It looks just like a sleepy footjob, only with a dildo. Then he moves up and... is he fucking her mouth? We can't tell, the camera remains showing us her soles, legs and bare ass bouncing limply at each stroke. Once he's done he cleans his cum off her mouth, rolls her on the back and begins working at her teeth as if this simply didn't happen... but he certainly won't forget!