The Dentist III - Foot play with a sleepy business woman

A clip starring Alisha

Alisha in The Dentist III - Foot play with a sleepy business woman

In this clip: masturbation, medical, snoring

A business-like lady comes into a dentists practice complaining about her tonsils, which are swollen and cause her to make a disturbing sound while she sleeps at night. Her husband can't sleep because of the noise she makes and is asking for divorce, so she desperately asks the dentist if he can do something to solve the problem and save her marriage. He examines her mouth, then calms her down by telling her that he can reduce their size with laser therapy. But he will have to put her to sleep. She gladly accepts and let him go ahead. Once the lady passes out from the anesthesia and he is alone with her body, he decides to take off her pants, stockings and high heels before proceeding with the operation. He starts playing with her sexy body to relax himself, eventually masturbating while worshipping her bare, smooth soles. She can have no idea what is going on, thinking that the professional doctor is taking care of her tonsils. Meanwhile, the doctor is enjoying her amazing body and soles without her ever finding out.