The Dare - Tiffany Fox

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 in The Dare - Tiffany Fox

In this clip: oral, carrying, cumshot, fainting, groping, footjob, kissing

This is a new, interesting scenario: Tiffany Fox dares a friend to do anything he wants with her body as she pretends to be limp and asleep. He accepts, but doesn't teel her that this has been a secret fantasy of his for as long as he knows her! The conditions are that she has to stay limp and seemingly unconscious for a while and, at the end of the time limit, she wins if she hasn't broken character. He wins either way for sure! She pretends to faint in his arms and he starts kissing her lifeless lips. He plays with her limp body and undresses her, rubbing her bare feet and gets more and more excited... As he is ready to explode, he tries a bold move -   he comes up to her mouth and slides his dick into it! And sure enough, she doesn't flinch as he cums in her mouth. At this point he has to admit she's the winner, so she wakes up and, smiling, and spits his cum out of her mouth.