Teasing Can Be Dangerous

A clip starring Storm

Storm in Teasing Can Be Dangerous

In this clip: assault, bondage, carrying, chloroform, ragdolling, groping, inspection, foot worship, nylons

Storm is a tease. She knows she is pretty and has lovely legs and feet. The guys at work are always sneaking glances. One day she spots and guy checking her out and decides to give his a foot show. Harmless fun she thinks.

When she got home, she called her friend Tracy and told her all about it. Little did she know that the guy had followed her home.
When she hung up, she was attacked with chloroform and carried upstairs, tossed on the bed. The guy plays with her limp body, strips her feet removing her nylons, proceeds worshipping her sleepy soles for some time.

Then it's time to tie her up, gag and blindfold her with nylons. She is still sleeping and limp; he goes on worshipping her feet when she slowly wakes up, realizing about the peril situation she is in... She struggles in the bondage, but there is little she can do, while the creep keeps licking her helpless, luscious soles...