Shay Limp Tattoo Scan

A clip starring Shay Hendrix

Shay Hendrix in Shay Limp Tattoo Scan

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, inspection

I need to scan Shay's body as it contains vital information about something important. So I have a plan: I eat a banana when she's not in; I put the peel on the floor and leave; later, she walks in and doesn't see it; she walks on it, slides, falls and knocks herself out.
In fact, when I come back I find her limp body on the floor. I take out a laser scanner and a body ruler. I measure her waist, her tights etc. Then I begin scanning her tattoos, her mouth, her fingerprints and her soles... Looking all around her body to make sure I don't miss any tattoos, rolling her body, doing limp play with it, and spending a long time on her soles in order to get a perfect scan of her feet, also delivering amazing closeups...