Becky Tattoo Limp Inspection Assault

A clip starring Ammalia, Becky

Ammalia, Becky in Becky Tattoo Limp Inspection Assault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, ragdolling, hands, inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, stripping

Becky is wasting time on her laptop when she gets assaulted and chloroformed by Ammalia and a POV guy. Once she is out, Ammalia drags her onto the bed and starts inspecting her. The two have been sent to look for an encrypted code in her tattoos... But the two get quite upset realizing this girl is literally COVERED in tattoos!
So Ammalia starts inspecting the tattoos on the arms, legs, neck, etc; lots of limp play and ragdolling,  but the two don't find the code. Occasionally Ammalia forgets about her work and gets a more sexual attitude to the limp girl, worshipping her feet.