Stuff Bee In A Box!

A clip starring Bee

Bee in Stuff Bee In A Box!

In this clip: carrying, chloroform, dragging, ragdolling, inspection, stripping

Young Bee is on the phone in her casual outfit and girly socks, making plans for a night out with friends. Phone calls and texts... At some point, unexpectedly, someone sneaks in and chloroforms her from behind. She is soon limp.
The guy steps out and the camera pans on her body.

The guy comes back, pushing a metal trunk on wheels: his task is to stuff her limp body into it and steal it, bringing her somewhere where something will happen.
Soon he realizes it's not going to be a simple task: the trunk on wheel moves around, and young Bee's body is so limp that she is heavy and difficult to

He makes a few attempts for moving her from the couch into the box, unsuccessfully. Then he notices a rug on the floor and decides to move her there, where he also takes her dress and socks off, leaving her in underwear and bare feet. He also does a phone call to a colleague complaining about the fact that it's a hard task.
Then back to his job. He sits the body up and after a lot of struggling he finally manages to get the body half in, and to bring the trunk horizontal again.

Now Bee's body is in, but her legs and feet stick out of it. He grabs her by the ankles and starts pushing the legs in, trying different solutions such as crossing the legs, but the feet and toes keep staying out. Also, when he pushes too much the legs snap and he gets her pretty feet in his face... Exhausted and a bit annoyed, he lets her soles rub his face, to the point that he gives up and actually lays down almost slapping himself using the limp girl's feet.

He will get out of it in a different way: abandon the useless trunk there and roll the body in the rug, which he drags out.

WARNING: Version on Clips4Sale contains a nervepinch instead of the chloro scene! Buy the clip here if you want the chloro scene!