A Stranger In His House

A clip starring Olga Cabaeva

Olga Cabaeva in A Stranger In His House

In this clip: cumshot, drunk, groping, footjob, hands, masturbation, amateur

A woman who drank too much, stumbles into the house of a stranger, as he left his door unlocked and went out for a moment. When he comes back in he finds this unknown woman limp on his sofa. The man tries to wake her but she won't budge. He grabs her by the arms, pulls her down to the floor and tries to wake her some more. He pulls off her heels and tickles her bare feet; still no response. Now seduced by his visitor, the man begins to play with her limp feet, worshiping them and rubbing them. He then picks her up and sits on the couch with her in his lap, rubbing her feet with one hand.

He positions her so she is now sitting up on the couch next to him. He uses her hand for a limp hand job but she soon starts to respond in her sleep, working his dick on her own.

After a while, he lays her face down on the floor, sits at her feet, and uses her limp feet for a footjob until he cums all over them. After cleaning her up, the man places the woman back on the couch and covers her with a blanket.