Sleepy Storm and the Mesmerizing Tea

A clip starring Storm

Storm in Sleepy Storm and the Mesmerizing Tea

In this clip: gas, ragdolling, POV, hands, hypnosis, foot worship, nylons, trance

Mick has a special tea that he found in an obscure place. When a person drinks the tea, then they become very subservient and will follow any command. 

Mick has a hot neighbor called Storm. When she came around to borrow some sugar, Mick saw his chance to finally check out his sexy neighbor. He offered her some tea and then waited.

Storm drank her tea and they chatted. Soon a look came over her face and Mick knew she was ready.

Mick asked storm to tease him with her sexy heels and stocking covered feet. Storm smiled and obliged Mick’s request. She gave Mick some close up views of her heels, before removing them, teasing him with her shoes and then giving him close-up views of her stocking covered feet. 

Then he asked her to strip off her top and skirt and teases him with her bellybutton for him. Storm once again obliged, removing her top and shirt. She lay back and gave Mick some close up views of her bellybutton, again teasing him with her finger playing with her bellybutton.

Mick told Storm she was feeling sleepy. At first she said she wasn’t. But then Mick told her it was not a question.  Storm immediately said she was in fact feeling very sleepy and before long she settled back on the couch fast asleep.

Mick took the opportunity to play with Storm’s body. Rag dolling her, playing with her hands and eyes.  He then moved to her feet, worshiping her feet in stockings, sucking her toes, before removing her stockings and playing with her bare feet. Storm groaned and moaned as Mick played with her feet, like she was enjoying the experience.

After a while, picked up Storm heels and started to play with them, putting them back on her feet, playing with her feet and toes between the straps of the heels. He put them on in strange ways, playing with her sleepy feet.