Officer Chloe Toy Stripped Out of Her Uniform

A clip starring Ammalia, Chloe Toy

Ammalia, Chloe Toy in Officer Chloe Toy Stripped Out of Her Uniform

In this clip: ragdolling, humiliation, inspection, knockout, redressing, stripping

Officer Chloe Toy leads prisoner Ammalia in a room, where she has to supervise her. They sit next to each other and Chloe gets distracted; unfortunately, Ammalia manages to break her wrists free and unexpectedly knocks the officer out with a bonk on her head.
Instantly limp, Chloe gets stripped out of her uniform, which is useful for Ammalia to wear and escape. 
Once Ammalia has worn the uniform she also wants to humiliate the girl's body, so she takes off Chloe's underwear and leaves her totally naked, ass up and pussy exposed to be found by her colleagues once Ammalia has gone.

This is a pretty basic clip, pretty much a test to see how this fetish goes, but it's still pretty good and well done! So we encourage purchase in case you want us to produce more of this.