Tiffany Fox Stewardess Wannabe

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In this clip: inspection, sniffing, foot worship, knockout, amateur

Tiffany Fox is doing some medical exams to get a job as stewardess and after some basic exams, the doctor tells her he has to put her to sleep to perform some final exams on her body. She really wants this job, so she agrees with no objections. Once she is out, we see what the exams are: he begins playing with her hair and face, strips her naked from her breasts down to her feet. He needs to find out exactly how beautiful she is... with a direct inspection of her! And, once he's at her feet, he begins sniffing and worshiping them, pleasing himself for a long time! Finally, he fills out some forms directly on her bare ass, and gives her to another attendant for further examinations. The camera work for this clip is a bit more amateurish than our standard, but this is a lot of footage!