Stealing Each Other's Clothing

A clip starring Bonnie

Bonnie in Stealing Each Other's Clothing

In this clip: drunk, inspection, nylons, stripping

Bonnie came back to her apartment to find her friend Mick and his friend Charn. Charn was asleep on the couch. Mick asked Bonnie to look after Charn as he had to leave to run a chore. Bonnie agreed. Mick left.

Bonnie noticed Charn's hot body, her legs and her sexy heels. She looked down at her own heels and wondered how Charn's would look on her. She checked to make sure that Charn was till asleep. (eyes checks/arm drops). She moved her hands down Charn's body and moved down to her feet. She removed Charn's shoes, enjoying Charn's feet. Then she took Charn's shoes, removed her own and put on the sleeping girl's shoes. She walked and admired her own legs in Charn's heels.

Bonnie wondered what Charn's underwear was like. She removed Charn's clothes until the sleeping woman was in her panties, bra and stockings. Bonnie stripped off her own clothes until she was in bra, panties and heels. Bonnie removed Charn's bra and her own bra and wondered how it would look her.

As she posed with the bra, her back was to Charn. Charn stirred and woke, realizing she was semi naked. She looked up to her friend Bonnie wearing her shoes and holding her bra. Charn was mad. Charn wrapped her arms around Bonnie, putting one hand over her mouth and pinching her nose. Bonnie dropped the bra, struggling, but Charn held tight and Bonnie slowly slumped out cold.

Charn removed her heels from Bonnie, feeling her feet through the nylon. But then, she saw Bonnie's heels laying on the floor. She picked them up, trying them on. She liked them. She posed, admiring her own legs in Bonnie's heels. She picked up Bonnie's bra, but was not so convinced, throwing it down. She looked down at Bonnie's panties and removed them. She slipped off her own panties and was going to put them on. But, Bonnie had woken up. She was mad at Charn.