Spy Charley Nervepinched

A clip starring Charley, Ammalia

Charley, Ammalia in Spy Charley Nervepinched

In this clip: dragging, face play, fainting, ragdolling, groping, hands, inspection, kissing, girl/girl, stripping, nervepinch

Epic boobed spy Charley is stealing data from a computer when agent Ammalia rushes from behind and instantly puts her to sleep by nervepinching her on the neck (like Star Trek). She inspects her face and puts her body down, where she begins stripping her naked exposing her epic boobs. Ammalia caresses her limp body and gently kisses it, as Charley remains out.
Then we see Cassie laid down on a footstool, still sleeping, her epic boobs exposed and her head dangling down limp. Ammalia is still there and goes on kissing her neck, caressing her breasts and body, performing limb play. At some point she tries some orgasming nervepinches, causing Charley's body to squirm in orgasm, but without waking up. Everytime she releases the pinch, her body flops back limp and sleepy, ready for one more pinch until Ammalia leaves.