Special Babysitter Assignment

A clip starring Storm

Storm in Special Babysitter Assignment

In this clip: bondage, carrying, gas, groping, inspection, foot worship, nylons

Storm has an unusual assignment from a new employment agency that she had never heard of before. They called her out of the blue and asked if she would babysit for a rich but reclusive family. She had not heard from them before. She was not sure how they even found out about her. But the money they offered would pay for her bills for a year or more. She could not believe her luck and quickly agreed!

The money clouded her judgment. Although she thought it strange, they requested that she wear a sexy outfit with heeled shoes for the job. It should have rung alarm bells, but the money was too much!!

She was greeted by the family assistant. He showed her in and explained that the family was away and she was needed for the family son. All she had to do was sit in the front room and call the assistant if anything was needed. She would not have to check on the family son or even see him. He should just stay in this room. He explained that he would back late and then he would pay her.  He left.

Storm sat and checked her phone. She saw a bottle of wine and a glass at the table. She took a sip. The wine tasted good. She went back to her phone, but found it hard to see the screen. She could not keep her eyes open. Soon she slumped on the couch in a deep sleep.

The family son was in fact a fully-grown man. He crept into the room. Another babysitter hired for him. Dressed just how he liked. He checked out the babysitter to make sure she was in a deep sleep. He then checked out her body, taking off her top and skirt leaving her in her bra, panties, stocking and shoes. He worked his way to her shoes and feet. He worshipped her shoes and slowly pulled them off to reveal her stockings and feet. He sucked and worshiped her feet through the nylon. He was surprised to hear her moan in pleasure, but she was still out.

Once he had enough, he carried Storm's limp body into the bedroom where he tied her up and gagged her.
Later on, Storm woke tied and gagged on a bed. Her shoes clothes and phone next to her. She struggled to get loose and call for help, but she could not get free. She then saw a man come in. She could do nothing but moan and struggle as he went to her feet, sucking them, slowly removing the stockings and sucking her toes.