Spanish Sleepy Lessons

A clip starring Montse

Montse in Spanish Sleepy Lessons

In this clip: bondage, face play, fainting, inspection, masturbation, stripping

Montse is Spanish language teacher. She is teaching Kayleth Spanish. But, Kayleth is a bad pupil. She does not pay attention and often drifts away to her own world during Spanish lessons. This time it was even worse. During the Spanish lesson with Montse, Kayleth fell sound asleep. Montse decided take advantage of the sleeping Kayleth to checkout and play with her body, and to teach the wayward Kayleth a lesson.

Montse first played with the sleeping Keyleth and slowly stripped her and inspected her body, paying attention to her feet, pussy and tits. She then tied her up .

Kayleth woke to find herself naked and tied up. Her Spanish teacher was next to her, in heels, stockings, bra and panties. As Kayleth struggled, her teacher played and pinched her tits, worshiped her feet and played with her pussy, telling her words in Spanish. Finally, her teacher stopped off her own panties and started to masturbate as she watched the struggling Kayleth, until finally she climaxed.

Montse relaxed as Kayleth struggled next to her. She told her, that's the best Spanish lesson I have ever given.