Her Son's Naughty Friend Pt2

A clip starring Anastasia Lux

Anastasia Lux in Her Son's Naughty Friend Pt2

In this clip: assault, oral, chloroform, cumshot, face play, fainting, fighting, ragdolling, groping, fucking, humiliation, masturbation, nylons, stripping, family affairs

After the assaults on episode 1, this second episode opens with Anastasia dressed in red pantyhose and bra, and a black transparent dress. She is fixing her self up waiting for a date to come over, when she hears a noise like somebody is in. She goes to check it out and her son's friend sneaks up behind her and grabs her! After a struggle she passes out.

We return to her lying on the bed unconscious against his groping and then decides to go for a sleepy blow job. As he face fucks her she begins to wake up, he thrusts harder, still groggy she is unable to get her bearings and stop him so she passes back out. Once he decides to stop, he lets her have some rest as the scene fades.

We return to her waking up she knows somehow the friend got into the house. She hears a doorbell: it's her date, so she quickly tries to head for the door and almost makes it before he catches her! He prevents her from screaming and she is rendered unconscious again.
He lays her down telling her he is the only company she is having today, he goes off to tell her date she isn't home as the camera stays on her sleeping body.

Once he comes back he takes her back to bed; this time he has her hands tied and rips her pantyhose open for some fun. The rest of the scene is basically just him screwing her and taunting her about how if it hasn't happened already. He fucks her limp body in several positions, and every time she wakes up he puts her out again.
Once finished, he leaves her covered in cum - Until its the next visit!