Her Son's Naughty Friend Pt1

A clip starring Anastasia Lux

Anastasia Lux in Her Son's Naughty Friend Pt1

In this clip: assault, chloroform, cumshot, face play, fainting, ragdolling, groping, POV, fucking, nylons, amateur, family affairs

Anastasia catches up a naughty boy in her room - She knows him well, he is one of her son's friends. They have some talk, he tells her that they're preparing for having a party there, even if nobody is around yet.
At some point the boy starts to put her hands on her, and appreciate her a bit too much, so she starts to protest... He doesn't care much, he puts one hand on her face and smothers her until she's unconscious.
At that point she belongs to him: he strips her body naked, gropes her big tits, and starts fucking her, letting these tits bounce at every stroke. Her face rests peacefully in a sleepy expression. He moves the body in several positions, as he keeps fucking her, but she can't know.

Scene fades back in and Anastasia wakes up redressed in red and stockings. She is alone, the naughty boy seems to have left. She stands up and opens a door, but he's there! Terrified, she just faints into his arms, offering her body once again.
He drops her on the bed, opens her legs and fucks her again in several positions until he cums.

Scene fades back again, and this time Anastasia wakes up naked and all covered in cum. She's laying on the naughty boy's lap, who was waiting for her to wake up.
The party has happened, and looks like all the boys had a go with her while she was unconscious. Her son's friend tells her about it, and also tells her that her son is now probably going to have a brother. he takes a rag and puts her to sleep again