Lilian White Socks Fetish Chloroform Assault

A clip starring Lilian

Lilian in Lilian White Socks Fetish Chloroform Assault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, sniffing, foot worship, rolling, feet, legs, ass, mouth, brunette, eyerolling, casual

Lilian is a private detective. She comes to a serial burglar's house to investigate a case. The guy approaches her as she snoops around and attacks her. Lilian counterstrikes and the guy was dazed a little bit. Lilian takes off her boots, wanting to put up a serious fight.

However, she's no match to him in strength: he finds an opportunity to chloroform her. Lilian struggles as her sock-clad feet stretch, but she quickly loses consciousness as her eyes roll up.

The guy carries her onto a bed and savors her sock-clad feet in various positions. Lots of foot groping, socks licking and sucking