Snow White footfucked by the Evil Footman!

A clip starring Lilli

Lilli in Snow White footfucked by the Evil Footman!

In this clip: cumshot, footjob, foot worship, masturbation, nylons, silly

Like everybody knows, Snow White bites a poisoned apple and falls in a deep sleep; only the Prince's kiss will wake her up. But, instead of the Prince, here comes the Evil Footman! He's determined to leave her in her sleep state, and would rather kiss her elsewhere... He begins fondling her body, exposing her breasts and white-stockinged legs, and then takes her shoes off. He starts handling her hot feet and kisses and worships them before removing the white stockings; then he removes them, one by one, and licks her soles even more, while Snow White keeps dreaming in her deep sleep. At some point the Evil Footman grabs her ankles and begins fucking her feet, taking his time, until in the end he cums right all over Snow White's bare feet! And, before leaving, he decides to clean his cum off her legs and feet because, if the Prince comes and finds her like that, he's probably not going to marry her!