Lauren's Hypnosleep Snoring Confessions

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren's Hypnosleep Snoring Confessions

In this clip: POV, hypnosis, silly, snoring, legs, ass, mouth, brunette, young, smart/business

Lauren is having terrible insomnia, so she enlists the help of a hypnotist to put her to sleep using hypnosis.  She is very skeptical about his powers and hypnotism in general, but she will do anything the get a good night’s sleep. 
To start the treatment, the hypnotist snaps his fingers and puts her in an extremely deep sleep.  As she gets deeper and deeper into sleep, her eyes roll into her head.  Once fast asleep, she starts to snore extremely loud.  The hypnotist slaps his fingers again and she begins to confess that she snores like a mammoth, drools onto her pillow, and even sleep farts on some occasions.  She even confesses that she has a hidden sleep fetish.

After hearing these confessions, the hypnotist decides to make her twerk while she snores, just so he can prove that his power of hypnotism is real and powerful.  During her twerking, she sometimes slaps her own ass.

Having performed his job of getting her to sleep, he leaves her room. Soon after he leaves, she snores so loud that her tongue protrudes out of her mouth.