Saffy's Medical Sleepy Investigation

A clip starring Saffy McKenna

Saffy McKenna in Saffy's Medical Sleepy Investigation

In this clip: gas, groping, inspection, foot worship, medical, nylons, willing, mature, stripping, feet, legs, genitals, brunette, smart/business

Business woman Saffy performs bad at work because every night she has troubles sleeping. She goes to the doctor and explains everything to him but, in order to detect the problem, he has to sedate her and analyse her sleep by applying some electrodes on her body.
Saffy gladly agrees to be sedated, as anything is good as long as she can sleep; so the doctor puts a mask on her and she is soon out; at that point he begins his investigation, although groping her and not being quite professional - But she is out, so who cares?

He exposes her breasts and genitals, he takes off her luscious stockings. He applies two electrodes on her breasts: some electricity starts to flow and sleeping Saffy begins moaning and reacting a bit in her sleep. She's evidently experiencing some erotic dream, and this makes the doctor grope even more.
After some time, the doctor applies two additional electrodes on her inner thighs, and this causes Saffy to react more in her sleep and get properly excited... The scene ends up in horny Saffy touching herself in her sleep until orgasm, while the doctor worships her bare feet to give more input to her erotic dream!

Later, when she wakes up, she is quite surprised to learn that her sleep is disturbed by erotic dreams and sleepy involvement with pleasure