Laura Smith Sleepy Massage

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Sleepy Massage

In this clip: fainting, foot worship, massage, nylons, trance


Cute Laura meets a masseur for getting a professional massage; she lays face down on the massage bed and he starts rubbing her back with oil; the massage goes on for a while, and she looks very relaxed. However, at some point he would like to move to her cute legs and feet, but she insists that she doesn't need that and she doesn't like her feet being touched... But he really wants her feet, so he nerve pinches her on the back of her neck, which makes her unconscious very quickly.
She looks pretty much the same, relaxed on the bed, but now there is the slight difference that he can do whatever he wants and she won't complain!

So he moves down at her feet, and starts admiring and groping these fabulous soles: she kisses them, licks them, poses them the way he wants. Laura's now unable to feel what's going on anymore.
Stellar angles and crystal closeups of her soles, this is pretty much the most awesome foot fetish review of Laura Smith ever produced and published.

At some point he decides to satisfy another fetish he has: he takes out a pair of white stockings and puts them on her legs, and then the foot worship goes on, on these innocent looking white nylons which make Laura looks even more cute.

Finally, later, Laura wakes up and she doesn't remember anything: the masseur is still working on her back, the stockings have been taken off and hidden, and Laura believes she just relaxed a bit too much and he did a very professional job!